Shot and edited this piece about Vernita Worrell, who “retired from walking” when she was about 25. At 56, she can no longer walk, so she navigates New York City in a wheelchair.

This construction robot can 3-D print a building out of spray foam. Edited for IEEE Spectrum. Footage provided by researcher.

Shot and edited this piece about Ana Casas, who repairs dolls and teddy bears. Her husband Luis lives nearby in a nursing home, where he suffers from Alzheimer’s.

Shot and edited this piece about a public art project for the Lo-Down NY, a site that reports on the happenings of Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Shot on iPhone 6.

Shot and edited this piece about Naoum Vantas, a furrier who makes fur coats for celebrities like the rapper Macklemore.

These glasses automatically adjust to your eyes! Edited for IEEE Spectrum using a mix of researcher footage and stock imagery.

I shot and edited this video of Josh Browne, a former NASCAR engineer turned Climate Scientist.

NYC’s small grocery stores–or bodegas–as many locals call them, are often run by immigrants.

A shorter, social media friendly version of Retired From Walking, made with text on screen.

Voter intimidation can be a problem on Election Day. Made with found footage for ProPublica’s ElectionLand.

This All-Clad sponsored video demonstrates my ability to take a lot of information and structure it in a way that flows cohesively. It features world-renowned chef Thomas Keller, of the French laundry, Per Se, and Bouchon. I worked with the raw footage of the interviews and b roll to cut together this narrative piece which William Hereford shot and directed. August, 2014.

Although there are no interviews or narration in this piece, it tells a story with musically-based editing. It features the restaurant Le Bernadin and Chef Eric Ripert. Shot and directed by William Hereford. December, 2011

I edited this video sponsored by Microplane and featuring Chef Nancy Olson, the pastry chef at Gramercy Tavern. It uses music to carry the action and complement the visuals. Shot and directed by William Hereford. October, 2012.